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October 31:

Happy Halloween! Adorable 19 year old Naveen comes to help Ray decorate his place for the party. One thing leads to another, and the slender 5'9 teen beauty from Tacoma, Washington gets very horny! So she jumps down and shoots her first video ever! Naveen is very shy, but also very excited. She skillfully sucks Ray's cock and takes it all the way down her throat. Giving Ray sloppy head makes Naveen very wet, so she hikes up her dress, lays back and spreads her legs. Ray thrusts his cock -- balls deep into her tight teen pussy and bangs her out. These two fuck like animals, then Naveen opens her pretty mouth and eagerly swallows two big loads of cum! Trick or treat! Enjoy, Thomas.

October 29:

From our good friend Mr Pov, You were first introduced to Khloe Krush over at Mr. POV's sister site, Well, she's back, and this time she's gonna use more than her silky-smooth hands to get you off. After this barley-legal babe nudes-up, you'll fuck her mouth really good. Then, it's on to the real fun -- her wet cunt. Go ahead...pound away! This slut's good to go. After violating her in a few of your favorite positions, it's time to blow your load all over her fucking face. Then, like any good whore, it's time to pay her to leave. Enjoy, Thomas.

October 27:

From Fucked Hard 18 Jayden is a beautiful hostess and she "badly" needs a relaxing massage. She has big natural breasts and a perfectly rounded ass, and both of these areas need a good rub down. She is a brown haired beauty who is just over 18. Josh goes to work on Jayden lubing her chest, ass and shaved pussy, he can't help but share his stiff cock with her. They both get some nice relief with the massage and so much more. Enjoy, Thomas.

October 24:

Welcome back Christie! The sexy 23 year old beauty returns to take-on two very nice cocks! Christie stands 5'4" and is looking tighter & slimmer than ever, yet she kept that gorgeous round ass for us to play with ;-) She still works at the indie bookstore and is still busy exploring her insatiable sex drive! So today Christie is here to live out her fantasy of sucking off & being fucked by two men at the same time! Ray and his pal Justin do the honors. The boys have a blast banging Christie from both ends and feeding her loads of cum to swallow. What a party! Enjoy, Thomas.

October 23:

From Dave over at Glory Hole Swallows we share Samantha. She was fun to hang out with for awhile but she was much more entertaining to watch sucking off strangers at the Gloryhole. I also made a mental note to start telling the girls to spit their gum out before the interview. The only way I can tolerate open-mouth gum chewing while talking is knowing that those dick sucking lips will soon be busy servicing random cocks. Enjoy, Thomas.

October 22:

From Mr Pov Ashley Ocean -- total newb. This means you're either gonna love her...or like her. Let's face it. Suckin' and fuckin' on camera for the very first time ain't easy, but we think Ashley did a good job. She came and went from Porn Valley in the blink of an eye...which means nothing more than that. Will she return? Are these the only videos of her? Only time will tell...Enjoy, Thomas.

October 21:

From Jules Jordan and Oil Overload 6 Anikka Albrite Caught In An Oil Slick. It took very little time for the world to discover Anikka Albrite's ass in all it's glory. In this slice of OIL OVERLOAD 6 Erik Everhard gets the ride of his life from this natural, blonde, sex enthusiast. Anikka's ass doesn't rest on it's looks, it moves and moves and moves and moves some more. What a posterior!

October 20:

From Fucked Hard 18 Nikki is shy, but her boobs hurt so she is looking for some relief from Jake's massage. Her twin sister said it was good for her. Plus her boyfriend never gives her a massage even though she always takes care of him. Jake takes care of her boobs, nipples, pussy and all other important areas. So relaxing. Enjoy, Thomas.

October 17:

Welcome to Pre-Auditions 44! In this episode, we meet a sexy new 18-year-old amateur cutie named Alaina. She is a petite beauty from Miami and has a tight little body that just won't quit. Alaina saw the site and said that she really wanted to get naughty on camera. Ray gets some awesome video of Alaina as she sucks his cock and he fucks her hard. These two go at it like lovers, then Alaina lays back and Ray blasts a big load of cum on her tongue and she swallows it all down! Next up, Lucy and Ray are at it again. This time they seduce Lucy's friend Marley! The girls are having a fun time teasing boys on their webcam when Ray suddenly shows up. Lucy has a fun time tempting Marley into sucking his cock. One thing leads to another and the they all have a hot little threesome! After some hot sucking and fucking, Ray cums into Lucy's mouth and she spits his warm load down Marley's throat! HOT! Enjoy, Thomas.

October 16:

From Dave at Glory Hole Swallows Ashley B is one of the best cock suckers he has taken to the Gloryhole so far. Not only does she have impeccable blowjob skills, she has the enthusiasm of a true cock worshiper. She always starts out by teasing the cock with lots of licking and ball play.
This teasing continues until she decides that the cock is going to give her the load. You can actually see this transition and once she turns up the heat, there's not a cock on the planet that can hold back from unloading in her mouth. She saves the best for last and takes her time milking out every last drop of cum. Enjoy, Thomas.

October 15:

From Mr Pov is Emma Stoned. What a name. She's a "420 gal", and I think you know what that means. Here's something else you probably know: Emma's a slut, and she loves to fuck on camera. This doesn't surprise any of the people who know Emma from her small-town in Southern California; in fact, she was known as the "Town Slut". What a bad girl! But you know that already, too. Enjoy, Thomas.

October 14:

From Jules Jordan Stacy Thorn and Dillan Lauren put on a Two Girl Blow Off. Two whores with a mission; suck every cock in sight. In a piece of investigative reporting worthy of sixty minutes follow these two sluts as they let nothing stand in the way of them fulfilling their sacred quest. Stacey and Dillan just gotta suck dick, it's why they're here on earth. Enjoy, Thomas.

October 13:

From Fucked Hard 18 Sara is a petite little latina who is really excited for her free massage. She has had massages before but this one is sure to be different. She rocks the high heels to appear bigger than she really is. Her tight ass and natural tits with big brown nipples make this massage an erotic encounter of the best kind. Enjoy, Thomas.

October 10:

This week we welcome an absolutely stunning brand new blonde amateur named Cosima! This adorable California girl has been a fan of our videos for a while and she finally decided to give it a shot. Cosima has a beautiful face and a long, lean incredible body. She also has a gorgeous round ass and a tight shaved pussy! Cosima confesses that she is “orally fixated” so Ray puts her sexy mouth to good use. She sucks and swallows his cum after a hot, hard round of fucking -- Then strokes and jerks his cock to suck down a follow-up load. What an amazing beauty! I want to see more of Cosima ;-) Enjoy, Thomas.

October 9:

From Dave at Glory Hole Swallows Jenna is a self-proclaimed nympho who also happens to be bi-polar. You can tell that there's some crazy shit going on in that head and I can only imagine her off the meds, lol. Enjoy, Thomas.

October 8:

From Mr Pov August Ames is one of the hottest girls in the Porno Class of 2014. Just take a look at this uber-hot Canadian. Once your eyes drop down below that gorgeous face, they're halted by what could be the greatest tits ever unleashed on to the screen. Seriously. Look at those works of art. Drop a little further down, and you're at her cleanly shaved snatch. It's a pussy that makes all the boys come fast. Turn her around to discover one hot piece of ass. August Ames. Goodness gracious. Enjoy, Thomas.

October 7:

From Jules Jordan and Feeding Frenzy five Erin Moore Blows Five Sperm Donors. Five loads swallowed all at once! The amazing Erin Moore sucks and sucks and sucks some more to get all of it in her pretty little mouth. Taking away band or AV club didn't hurt many but now we've gotta stand up for Erin. Off with the yoke of austerity, Let Erin swallow, let Erin swallow, let Erin swallow..........Enjoy, Thomas.

October 6:

From Fucked Hard 18 Zoey looks like a Greek goddess in her long white dress and sandals. She looks like a nice fuck with her dress off and her plump round ass. She has come for a massage from Jake and can really use an intense rubdown all over, specially her neck. Zoey is in for a real treat as everyone who gets on Jakes table gets all they need to feel better and so much more. Enjoy, Thomas.

October 3:

Misha is a sexy girl from Poland who saw our site and traveled all the way over to have some fun. She's a girl who knows what she likes -- and she told us her fantasy was to take on TWO cocks at the same time! I can appreciate that in a girl! Misha wastes no time and drops down to suck off Ray and Justin. The boys deliver a round of some hard fucking, and Misha swallows down two big loads. OMG what a naughty girl she is! Enjoy, Thomas.

October 1:

From Mr. POV they loves 'em fresh off the bus, and they don't come any fresher than Miss Farrah Flower. Our beautiful red head hails from the great state of Michigan, and here's something really special: you're about to witness her very first fuck scene. Ever. She's done some solo work, but Mr. POV did some sweet talkin' and got her here to fuck n' suck. What could be better than that? Enjoy, Thomas.

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