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July 1st:

Abby is back and she has craving for some cum. Third time is a charm for this beautiful 21 year old Persian princess and she always puts on an amazing performance. Ray gets things started by sliding his large cock into her sexy open mouth and gets it good and sloppy. Abby really loves sucking and fucking and it really shows. After a lot of sucking and throating of Ray's cock, her wet pussy wants some attention so she bends over and Ray slides on in. They really go at it and they truly are having a lot of fun but now she wants some semen. Abby gets down on her knees and she gets blasted with a nice big load. But she isn't done yet, Abby wants more and her second load is big and messy.

June 24th:

MaryJane is a petite teen beauty with gorgeous blue eyes and some very soft and beautiful brown hair. She has wonderful skin, perky tits, a small, tight little ass and tight shaved pussy. If that weren't enough she has a taste from cum, which is how she found us. After a brief interview MaryJane drops to her knees to show off her cock sucking skills, which by the way, are quite impressive for an 18 year old. After a heavy suck session I slide my hard cock into her very tight pussy and fuck her until she is all pink and puffy. I dump to big loads down her throat and send her on her way. MaryJane is an awesome way to spend an afternoon.

June 17th:

Welcome back Erin guys! She is a gorgeous brunette babe with a smokin hot body and a serious cum addiction. Last time she visited us here at Amateur Allure, she swallowed two big loads and really kicked of her cum craving fetish. She returns to get her fix and says that we are enablers to her cravings, and we are happy to help her out. Erin returns to show off her excellent cock sucking skills and her beautiful tight pussy. We are more than happy to fill her up, in more ways than one, but since this is her second visit she gets a big nasty facial all over her pretty face and then she gets to eat two loads. That should keep her satisfied for at least a couple days.

June 10th:

Lyla is a gorgeous exotic beauty from places unknown, with a body built for sex and and is eager to please. She is a tall brunette, with perky tits and tight little ass and I can't wait to get her on my cock. Lyla promised me some awesome head and she totally delivers with some amazing deep throating skills. She is hoping to learn a few tricks from me, but honestly, she is an amazing cock sucker already. Lyla gets right down to business and starts me off, as promised, by showing off her amazing oral skills. After a cock sucking exhibition, I fuck her juicy pussy, up down and all around. She swallows down to huge loads and loves every drop.

June 3rd:

Ashleigh is a beautiful, 21 year old blonde from San Francisco. She came all the way down to LA to suck cock and get fucked hard. Ashleigh looks very sweet and innocent, but rest assured she is a naughty girl. As she takes my cock into her mouth she lets me know she loves getting fucked and swallowing cum. So, after a heavy suck session I slam her tight pussy with my big cock and fill her mouth with a big load of cum. Ashleigh wants more, so she goes back to work and gets my cock hard and I slide it right back into her sweet little snatch and for when I am about to shoot my load I let it fly into a champagne glass. She drinks my jizz down with a smile.

May 27th:

Maelynn is a sweet little 18 year old cutie that is best described as a spinner. She flew in all the way from Mississippi because she is an insatiable cum loving babe that is just getting into her groove and wants to have a sex filled summer. Maelynn couldn't wait to drop to her knees and get some cock into her hot little mouth. I bang her tight teen pussy for a while before I dump two big loads down her throat.

May 20th:

Hilary is back for her second visit to Amateur Allure. This sweet little 18 year old beauty comes off as an innocent and normal girl, but don't let her fool you. Hilary is a naughty little slut with a hardcore cum fetish. As you know, when one of our girls returns for a second visit they get a big facial for their efforts. Hilary immediately gets down to business and takes my cock into her mouth and starts sucking like a pro. Then, I fuck her tight pussy for a while as she squirms with pleasure. I blast her face with a huge sticky load of cum and scoop it off and feed it to her, then I go for another round. She swallows another load and she reluctantly is on her way out.

May 13th:

Myla is a gorgeous 21 year old brunette from Bosnia. This leggy beauty came all the way from Eastern Europe to pursue he acting ambitions. Lucky for us, she ran into Ray at a club in L.A. and after a little chatting he found out she loves to give head and swallow semen. Ray got her over to the studio and she wastes no time and drops down to suck cock like a pro. He bangs Myla six ways to Sunday and then drops two big loads down her throat and she swallows it down with a big smile.

May 6th:

Natalia is a gorgeous 22 year old student from Santa Barbara, California with a beautiful smile and a smokin hot body. She has an intense love for oral sex and wastes not time getting a cock in her mouth. She really knows how to work her mouth and tongue around a cock then she gets a good hard fuck for her efforts. After a lot of sucking and fucking Natalia gets down on her knees and she gets a huge load of cum shot onto her tongue. She swallows two big loads in this week's update and I look forward to haveing her back soon.

April 29th:

Trinity is a petite, 21 year old cutie from Northern California. She has brings her talented mouth and tight little body for some oral and anal pleasure. She tells us that she loves sucking cock and swallowing cum and that she prefers a big cock in her ass. Since we don't get that request very often around here we take her up on that. After a lot of sucking cock, Trinity eagerly bends over to recieve a hard cock in her ass. She really loves it! Then she takes two big loads down her throat in this update and leaves with a smile.

April 22nd:

Sofia is a gorgeous, 22 year old brunette from Chicago that is just over 5 foot tall and she came all the way out west to see us because she wanted to be featured on the site. Sofia tells us that she absolutely loves sucking cock and swallowing cum. So, to get things started we get her on her knees and slide a cock into her hot little mouth. Sofia definitely knows how to work a cock with her mouth, so we bend her over and pound that tight pussy for a while. She swallows two huge loads of cum on this trip and we hope to see her back soon.

April 15th:

Hadley is a tall skinny blonde beauty from Milwaukee Wisconsin. She came out to the west coast to have some fun and she is ready to be a naughty on camera for the first time. She loves sucking cock and has some excellent cock sucking skills. Hadley takes Ray's cock deep into her throat with ease and gets his cock slippery and wet. Then she gets bent over and fucked hard from behind as she moans softly. Now it's time for Hadley to shine as Ray is ready to shoot his load. She drops to her knees and he splashes her tongue with jizz. A nice follow up as well.

April 8th :

Toni is a stunning, 19 year old Brazilian beauty, that currently lives in Florida. This South Beach Latina loves to swallow cum and wanted to visit Amateur Allure to show off her cock sucking skills. I send her over to Ray and our stunt cock in training and they help her satisfy her cum cravings. Toni drops to her knees and shows off her fantastic oral skills before she bends over and gets her tight pussy stretched by a big cock. When the time is right, she drops to her knees and swallows his huge load of cum. A nice follow up load as well.

April 1st:

This week's update features pre and post auditions of 5 cum loving beauties, some you have already seen and some that didn't make it back for a full update. Three of these amateur teen babes are captured during their first visit to the Amateur Allure studio and this is the very first time they swallow cum. Lots of raw and unseen sucking and fucking footage, always entertaining. Also included in this update is post shoot fuck and swallow footage of Tori and Aimee Addison. Even after the primary shoot they are still craving more cum, so I give it to them again.

March 25th:

I have a dream girl for you guys this week. Hilary is a seriously cute, 18 year old, blonde beauty with a smoking hot little body. She has only been sucking cock for a little while but she wants to improve by learning how to deep throat. She is a very fast learner and impressed me right off the bat. After a lot of practice throating, I bend her over and stretch her tight pussy. I am ready to explode and Hilary drops to her knees and I unleash a barrage of cum into her mouth and she swallows it down. Then she follows up with a nice handjob and eats that load too.

March 18th:

It been a while but Jasmine has returned and she is eager for some semen. She is now 19 years old, 5' 7" tall and she has returned to show Ray how much her cock sucking skills have improved. This brunette beauty is awesome and she puts on a great display of oral talents and gets her pussy pounded by Ray's big cock in return. She tells us that fucking is her favorite thing to to swallowing cum that is. After a lot of hot and heavy sucking and fucking Ray covers her beautiful face with his creamy load. Jasmine wants more, and she gets another out of him.

March 11th:

Amber is a very busty, 24 year old blonde bombshell from sunny California. She has beautiful blue eyes, a gorgeous mouth and a fantastic attitude that really demonstrates her enthusiasm towards cock. Amber loves to show off her huge tits and curvy body. She has a body built for sex. Amber drops to her knees and sucks off the very lucky, new guy. He slides his cock down her throat and she wants more so he fills up her tight snatch. After a lot of fucking and sucking Amber opens her mouth and takes two huge loads in this awesome update.

March 4th:

This week's update features the lovely, blonde bombshell Samantha Saint. Samantha is a very busty and tall blonde with a body built for sex. She has gorgeous eyes and a big beautiful smile to go with her talented tongue. She sought us out because, she loves giving head and swallowing cum and she loved the site. Ray gets his cock down her throat and she shows off her cock sucking skills. Then he fucks her tight pussy until he is about to explode. Samantha opens her mouth and prepares for her savory snack. She gulps down two big sticky loads.

February 25th:

Rosalie is a gorgeous 19 year old girl next door that spends her days as an administrative assistant with a dirty little secret. She is a petite 5 ft 3 inch spicy Latina, with an insatiable sexual appetite. She confided in me that she thinks about cock all day long at her job. Ray gives her a what she craves and slides his hard cock into her moist mouth and has her show off her oral skills. Lots of sucking and fucking ensues and when it's time to unload Ray fills up her cute little mouth and she sucks it down. Rosalie gets a great follow up load next.

Week of 18th February:

Kylie is 18 years old and super cute. This innocent little beauty has never tasted cum and really isn't very experienced at giving head either. So, she has come to me for a crash course in sucking cock, deep throating and swallowing big nasty loads of cum. After she works my cock in her mouth and down her throat, her pussy gets totally wet and I stretch her young box. Things get hot and heavy for quite a while, then it's time to splash her tonsils with a big cum shot. She gulps it down like a champ and comes back for another load. You gotta love her.

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