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Amateur Allure Welcomes Kinsley Anne and Allie Nicole to Give Head and Swallow Sperm
Avg Rating: 4.5

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Both girls are very hot, no question about it. Allie Nicole is the one I was looking forward to watching. She needs to be in more videos.
Ray, you are a genius! Kinsley and Allie's performances were phenomenal. I especially enjoyed Allie Nicole's scene. I'm in love with this girl lately. She just does everything right, and she has a perfect body. Absolutely gorgeous. By the way, kudos to the old school standing cumshot point of view at the end. Always was my favorite view. I hope there's more like it in the future. That's the stuff that keeps me coming back for more and renewing my membership. Amazing job ladies, and of course Ray.
🙏🏼 Thanks Travis! 😎👍🏼
Bring back Allie asap she’s an amazing cock sucker
Best video for a quite a while but some of your older stuff much better - ’lot more adventure in them getting the best out of the girls!
I'm dying to know what camera and lens he uses, the birds look phenomenal
Kinsley was great, please have her back for more! Very hot!
Great scene. I agree with Travis about the standing POV cum shot delivery for Allie. Also, please include more side shots and wide shots so we can see the girls s-curve, legs, and whole body every now and then. And I usually just comment on the video and not make requests for the girls I would like to see -- but I am kind of amazed that Eden Sin, AKA Eden Sinclair, has not been on this site yet. She has an amazing mouth, absolutely no gag reflex, and lives to have her mouth stuffed. Please make it happen. Thanks!
Both girls are amazing and YES! Ray's scrotum is nicely exposed, giving a fabulous contrast between his imposing cumsack and the girls smooth cheeks, mouth and profile. That's what this site is all about. First, my compliments to Kinsley, who devotedly makes a point of always sticking her tongue out, providing every suck with a soft and moist cushion. Second, she does a great job at trying to probe Ray's external urethral orifice with the tip of her tongue. To my knowledge, she's one of the very first to do it on this site, if not on numerous others. Now THAT is cock revering at it's finest! She also does a great job on Ray's balls, licking them and gobbling them like any decent girl should. And she lets her head to be held quite nicely as Ray stuffs his meat in her mouth, gathering her hair in a nice ponytail. Can't wait to see her cunt shoved and stretched by Ray or Justin (or both!) next time. Nice boobs too! As for Allie, she engulfs Ray's cock deeper and more thoroughly, further than her predecessor, and with disarming decontraction and courage. And she shows her pussy's nice labiae quite conveniently wet and spread This girl has a treasure between her legs and is not afraid to show it to admirers of such family jewels!