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Jessie Wylde and Anastasia Knight Give Head and Swallow Cum
Avg Rating: 4.4

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Please bring Anastasia back for a full scene and have her wear her hair in pigtails. Amazing
AA fan
Great update. Jessie was hot, but Anastasia was even hotter. Loved the way she was moving her her mouth over his helmet. The way she focussed her bottom lip, pivoting it on the bottom ridge. It looked exquistiely pleasurable. Would have like to have seen her make him cum that way! Also, the variety of shots was better ie. camera behind her bare arse. AA should incorporate these every vid, especialy if she is gagging and its making her pucker up. Disapointingly, we didnt see his hand slap her arse, although we heard it, admittedly. When you bring Anasatasia back, keep her looking similar with that pony tail look. The way she answered back 'Yes', 'Yes', suggested she is asking to be fucked and spanked. Anastasia pulled off the act beautifully.
Dont know how this is not avg 5 star. Both women did fabulous with both actions and words. Best way to end off 2017, no doubt!
Jessie is a very beautiful girl in a lovely dress and immaculate makeup and nails; hopefully we will see more of her in the future.
Like Slub said, please bring her back again.
Dear God, give us more Anastasia in pigtails or double braids! Thank you!