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Pre-Auditions 53, Brooke Bliss, Bella Skye (aka Bella Maye), and Norah Nova all Love Cum
Avg Rating: 4.5

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pls bring norah nova back to take the pipe in that fabulous pussy of hers!!
First, Brooke Bliss is so girl next door it's a treat to watch her suck and fuck. Now we know our neighbor's daughter does it too: she might be a great cock worshipper as well! Anyway, from her lovely-nippled breasts to her nice juicy cunt, Brooke is sooooooo cute! - And on top of it she's submissive. Something that should be encouraged by a little more head holding, to teach her how to gag and be more generous with her saliva and spit. And she should also thank Ray more for letting her taste her own pussy juices that Ray generously collected on his cock for her young palate. But Ray did the right thing on the 15:05 mark: exploring Brookes asshole with his index finger, so she would know who's boss. Her nice acceptation got her a nice load on her small tongue, coating if completely. Great! As for Bella Maye, we meet a whole different kind of cock worshiper: the confident way she strips and pulls her butt cheeks apart with both hands tells us we have a confident woman, sure of her chariot harden cocks, and of her technique to make them harder yet. A consummate saliva afficionada, she can milk a dick without taking her clothes off. Bring her back to get fucked! That pussy of hers looked great in the photo set too! Now Norah Nova is someone else, gaging on the first sucks : she knows what she's here for! Worship cock, suck, revere balls (26:11 mark and some more others, including the famous "deep throat tongue scrotum tickle", which seems to be Rays thing - and who could disagree with that), show her cunt, quickly shove one finger in, then 2 inside for testing her juiciness, then more cock sucking, breasts naked. In short, Amateur Alluring at its finest. Bring her back and thank you!
Totally phenomenal watching Brooke Bliss fuck herself on Ray's cock and finger. Also really enjoyed the side view of Ray jerking off into Bella Maye's mouth while she smiles at the camera!